Baskets of Flowers

Baskets of Flowers - Garden Basics - Flower - Annual

The natural look of wicker makes baskets the perfect container for informal flowers. Inexpensive baskets are usually available at secondhand stores and flea markets, and worn baskets can lend a charming effect to your arrangements.

Prepare the basket by spraying it with varnish or seal- ant and lining it with black plastic. Don't use garbage bags to line your basket since they are designed to degrade quickly in landfills. Place a layer of gravel or styrofoam packing in the bottom of the basket for drainage before filling with potting soil.

Pansies, primroses, campanulas and begonias look great in baskets, especially when edged with ivy or ajuga. For a holiday gift basket, plant Christmas cactus. If you are buying plants, choose those with small root balls. Plant your basket densely since the plants won't grow much in size over the winter months.

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