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Orange flowers add a splash of color to any garden design. There are familiar garden favorites that offer orange varieties, and there are some that are not that well known but are some of the most unusual flowers. A garden can be planted in all orange flowers in different shades, or orange flowers can be used as a contrast to other colors.

Trumpet Vines

Trumpet vines attract hummingbirds, wasps and bees during the growing season and, if you leave the seed pods alone, they will attract birds in the winter as well. It grows to be very dense, making it a good choice for a privacy screen. Trumpet vines are hardy in most of the United States from zone 4 through zone 9--southern New England to central Florida. Trumpet vines are easy to grow, can reach 30 feet in length and can be planted in full sun or partial shade. The trumpet-shaped flowers can grow to 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. The roots can grow under a house, so they are best planted along a fence or on a strong trellis or arbor away from other plants because it can quickly overtake other species.

Lion's Ear

Lion's ear is an annual, meaning new plants have to be started from seed each year. Its one stem stands straight up and can reach a height of about 8 feet. The flowers are about 1 inch long, attract hummingbirds and grow out of clusters that can grow to 4 inches across and completely around the stem. After the first flower cluster grows, the stem gets taller and another cluster forms above the original one. This goes on till the stem reaches its full height. Lion's ear is hardy in zones 8 to 10 in the continental United States, the three hottest areas in the south and in zone 11 in Hawaii.

Siberian Wallflowers

Siberian wallflowers are biennials, meaning they have a 2-year life span. The first year, all they grow are leaves; the flowers appear the second year. In the warmer zones, it can grow as a perennial, a plant that lasts for many years. It is hardy in zones 4 to 9 and can grow as tall as 2 feet and 1 foot wide. The flowers are small and grow in large clusters at the top of the stem. Siberian wallflowers need full sun and well-drained soil.

Moss Rose

The moss rose is an annual that grows prostrate on the ground. It will reach a height of just 6 inches and spread out to about 12 inches wide. The flowers resemble those of the rose and measure about 1 inch in diameter, grow only on the tips of the stems and only open in bright sunlight. There are varieties that have double flowers which measure up to 3 inches in diameter. The moss rose is not fussy. It does well in most types of soils including sandy, but it does need full sun or it will not produce flowers. The moss rose is hardy in zones 5 to 10 in the continental United States, from the lower mid-Atlantic states to the tip of Florida, and in zone 11 in Hawaii.

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