How to Plant Seedless Grapes

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Seedless grapes are a mutation propagated by planting buds; they cannot be grown from seed. They are self-pollinating, so you will only need one vine to produce grapes. Most varieties of seedless grapes are hardy to zone 5. Canadice and Einset are well-known varieties with proven winter hardiness.

Step 1

Choose an appropriate location to plant your seedless grapes. The vines like full sun and well-drained, slightly acidic soil. (Reference 1)

Step 2

Plant your seedless grapes in early spring, just as the soil thaws. Dig a hole 8 to 12 inches deep and 1 foot wide. Place the vine in the hole and cover it with soil. Pat the soil down firmly. Space your vines 6 to 8 feet apart. (Reference 1)

Step 3

Fertilize your seedless grapes with 1/2 cup of water-soluble 10-10-10 fertilizer one month after planting. (Reference 1)

Step 4

Train your grapes by tying the two strongest leads to a stake or trellis with twine. (Reference 2)

Step 5

Water your seedless grapes once a week for 10 minutes. (Reference 2)

Tips and Warnings

  • Black rot effects seedless grapes grown in humid climates. Apply fungicide to combat it. (Reference 2)

Things You'll Need

  • Trellis or stake
  • Twine


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