Facts on Pansies

Facts on Pansies image by Chamomile, Mensatic, Subhadipin: Morguefile.com
Facts on Pansies image by Chamomile, Mensatic, Subhadipin: Morguefile.com


The small, colorful pansy plant is a delightful addition to the flower garden. This biennial plant is often referred to as a flower for all seasons because of its ability to adapt and bloom under a variety of conditions. In milder climates, this flower blooms outdoors year-round.


Pansies are one of the oldest cultivated flowering plants around. Their exact origin cannot be pinpointed, but the crossbred variety with which we are familiar is identified with Buckinghamshire, England. Pansies gained popularity in North America in the late 1800s.


Pansies have round blooms consisting of five petals that come in three basic color patterns: single, clear color; black lines radiating from the center; and a dark-centered "face." Leaves are oval or heart-shaped.

Purple pansies

Uses of the Pansy

The edible flowers of the pansy plant have a minty flavor. These flowers are used to make syrup; to flavor honey; to garnish green salads, punch bowls and sugar bowls; and as candied caked decorations and dye.


Both the leaves and the flowers of the pansy plant are high in vitamins A and C.

Interesting Fact

The delicate, sweet fragrance of the pansy flower is most evident in the early morning and at dusk, with the yellow or blue pansy flowers emitting the strongest scent.

Nodding pansies

Fun Fact

"Pansy" comes from the French word "pensee," which means "thought." It was thus named because the flower, resembling a human face, seems to nod forward as if in deep thought. This usually happens in August.


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Photo by: Chamomile, Mensatic, Subhadipin: Morguefile.com