How to Grow Carrots From Carrot Tops


A carrot-top garden can be grown any time of year, even if there's snow on the ground and gardening season is months away. Although the plants won't last long and the carrots can't be eaten, growing carrots from carrot tops is inexpensive and fun for any age. All you need is a few carrots, a dish and a green thumb.

Step 1

Choose a few large, healthy carrots that still have greenery at the top. Cut the carrots with a sharp knife, leaving only about an inch at the top, thicker end. Trim the greenery down very close to the carrot.

Step 2

Fill a shallow bowl or a pie pan with sand or tiny pebbles. Plant the carrot, pushing the cut end slightly into the sand or pebbles.

Step 3

Pour lukewarm water into the bowl or pie pan so the sand and pebbles are very wet and the carrot is sitting in the water. Add fresh water as needed, and don't allow the carrots to dry out.

Step 4

Put the carrot tops in a sunny place. Lacy, green growth should soon emerge from the top. When the carrots grow too big for the container, throw them out and start a new carrot-top garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Carrots
  • Sharp knife
  • Shallow bowl or pie pan
  • Sand or tiny pebbles
  • Water


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