How to Prune Wand Flower

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Wand flowers, a perennial native to South Africa, bring a garden alive with their multicolored blooms and long wand-like stems. Wand flowers are also known as harlequin flowers and they are hardy between zones 6 to 10, which means they can be grown in some pretty warm climates. This also means there is some minimal pruning which must be done in order to keep wand flowers looking their best for your garden all year long.

Step 1

Trim faded or dried wand flowers off at the stem, where the old growth meets the new, every fall after the first freeze.

Step 2

Trim back faded or dried leaves at the base of the wand flower in the fall after the first freeze.

Step 3

Trim off faded or dead flowers as they occur year round.

Step 4

Add compost or fertilizer to the ground after you prune the wand flowers to stimulate growth.

Step 5

Trim off the head after the first bloom in the spring about two inches down the stem to encourage another bloom.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not cut off any new growth on the wand flower.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden scissors


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Photo by: Franco Folini/Flickr