Anthurium Facts

Anthurium Facts image by Anthurium by green-thumb/
Anthurium Facts image by Anthurium by green-thumb/


Anthuriums are blooming houseplants with lacquered-looking flowers that tend to fool people into thinking that they are artificial. When cut, the flowers can last two to three months. The anthurium is an upright plant with 20-inch tall stems and long, leathery green leaves.

Other Names

Other common names for anthuriums are tailflowers and flamingo flowers.


Anthurium flowers are 3 to 6 inches long. The color range is from a deep red to a pink or white. Some blossoms are even speckled.


Anthuriums like warm climates year-round. They prefer 85-degree F days and 65 degrees F at night. To encourage blooming, reduce the nighttime temperature to 60 degrees F for six weeks.


Anthuriums need constant moisture and high humidity when actively growing. Let the soil dry a little between waterings.


Anthuriums are sold commercially as cut flowers. They are also grown in containers for use in interiorscapes and landscapes in warm climates.


Anthurium is toxic to the taste and touch. It causes irritation of the mouth and digestive system. It causes skin and eye irritation with external contact with the sap.


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