Peach Tree Tips

Peaches that you grow yourself always taste better than store-bought peaches, which are picked off the tree before they are fully ripe. Peach trees are tougher than citrus trees, but they require a sunny place to grow where frost and cold weather will not be an issue.

Before Planting

Prep the soil where you are going to plant the peach tree about one to two seasons beforehand. This may seem very far in advance, but it will produce the best results for your peach tree. Add mulch and good quality soil so your tree has the best possible nutrient value when you plant it. Test the pH balance of the soil so you know exactly what you need to add to it.

Growing Peach Trees

When your peach tree is about 1 foot tall, give it support by placing a stake next to it for support. Carefully and loosely tie the tree to the stake so it doesn't sway around or fall over. The stake will also help protect the roots. Always pick the early baby peaches when they first grow in. This will cause the peaches that grow in after the first batch to grow in larger.

Peach Tree Diseases

One of the most common diseases in peach trees is leaf curl, which causes the leaves to turn red or purple, distorted and curly. Control this disease with a fungicide that's applied in the fall, when only about 10 to 15 percent of the leaves are left on the tree. Apply fungicide each year to protect against the disease. Follow the instructions on the fungicide, and provide the tree with plenty of water so it can maintain its strength.

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