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Clarkia is a plant that is named after William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition, because it was discovered growing in the western U.S. by members of the expedition.


The clarkia's flowers can be single or double and measure from 2 to 4 inches across, and the colors can range from deep rose to lilac, light pink to white. Clarkia can grow to a height of about 2 feet and a width of about 9 inches.


Clarkias need sandy soil and either full sun (6 hours of sunshine a day) or partial shade (4 to 6 hours of shade a day). They are native to the forests of the Northwest and do better in cool rather than hot areas.


Clarkia seeds can be sown directly in the garden in early spring. When the seeds sprout, thin them out to one every 7 to 9 inches. Flowers will appear in about 3 months.


Water enough to keep the soil moist, but not soggy until the flowers appear--then cut back on watering. When the plants are 6 inches in height, pinch back the tops. This will make them branch out.


Clarkias are used as border plants, in rock gardens, as cut flowers and in hanging baskets.


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