Guide to Different Types of Flowers


Thousands of different flowers are available to grow outdoors, including varieties that will bloom in every season. Careful planning and design of flower beds will provide bright colors for enjoyment even on the grayest day.


Whether planting bulbs or sowing seeds, you have a number of early, cold-tolerant flowers available for spring planting. Fruit trees also provide beautiful spring blossoms.


Flowering herbs, lilies, chrysanthemums and wildflowers provide an array of color and begin blooming as spring flowers begin to fade.


As the weather cools, the brilliance of blooms does not have to. Flowering shrubs, roses, delphiniums and a variety of flowering bulbs come to life.


Winter flower beds do not have to be void of color. Flowering shrubs and trees such as wintersweet, sweetbox and witchhazel provide splashes of color.


Start spring annuals indoors. Plant a mix of annuals and perennials to ensure a variety of sizes, colors and fragrances.


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