Rock Pond Garden Ideas

If you have rocky soil in which nothing seems to grow, a rock garden may be the ideal solution. Rock gardens are more adaptable than you think, incorporating plants ranging from alpine to desert regions---and may even show off a water feature.

Waterless Ponds

Despite the name, waterless ponds actually do have water. These ponds are really waterfall features that have no visible water in their catch basin. The water descends down rocks to fall into a gravel basin and seemingly disappears. The water is buried deep under the gravel with the water pump. A few plants may be added to this feature so that it does not appear to be just a pile of rocks. Waterless ponds are a popular feature among people who have limited space or limited time to care for ponds. They are also popular in homes with small children or pets as a safe alternative to a pool or pond.

Rock Garden Pond

A rock garden pond is a pond that incorporates the natural elements of a rock garden. These ponds may feature running streams, waterfalls or ponds with large boulders that are set at the pond's edge or even within the pond to create a striking water feature. Streams may be surrounded with diversely colored or shaped pebbles and rock for visual interest, enhanced by rushing water that runs over them. The water features might even be surrounded by ground cover plants that have attractive foliage. In larger ponds, majestic boulders may help add to the tranquility and stillness of the pond. Water plants in these ponds could include deep water plants such as lily pads and marginals, including cattails and irises.

Japanese Rock Garden

Japanese gardens are influenced by Buddhism, and strive to reproduce the tranquility of nature in man-made spaces. Because of this, Japanese gardeners strive to make their gardens appear as natural as possible. Water is such an important part of the Japanese garden that rocks may be placed to resemble water in dry gardens. In ponds, the gardener rejects straight lines. Instead, boulders are carefully selected to circle the edge of the water for a more natural appearance. A variety of borders may be used to prevent a "necklace" effect, and stepping stones, which are called sawa-tari may be placed in the water.

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