Backyard Pond Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Pond Landscaping Ideas image by Andrew Dunn/Wikimedia Commons

Where once a backyard pond was a feature that could only be afforded and appreciated by the very wealthy, today backyard ponds are features that any home owner can install and enjoy. However, a pond enthusiast has to take great care in landscaping around his pond in order to make it look like it belongs in his yard. Here are some ideas for landscaping a pond.

Bog Garden

A bog garden is a water feature that is far different from a traditional pond. In these types of water gardens, the pond liner is perforated, and the pond is filled with a mixture of water, compost, soil and peat in order to create a damp, boggy atmosphere. Plants for a bog garden may include plantain lilies, miniature bamboo, cattails, irises, turtlehead or bog rosemary.


According to the website, falling water makes a sound that some find soothing and pleasant. For this reason, waterfalls are features that are often incorporated into backyard ponds. Running water also helps to aerate a pond, providing a better environment for fish and keeping water from stagnating. Waterfalls can be created with a pond fountain kit or a large-scale pump that recycles water over rocks.

Japanese Garden

Japan is an island nation that receives a lot of rain. So it is unsurprising that water is a part of every garden. Even dry gardens use raked gravel to represent water. Formal gardens of Japan are influenced by the tenants of Buddhism, which emphasize formality and tranquility. The most recognizable tenant of Japanese gardening is that the gardeners strive to emulate the peace of nature. Almost everything in a Japanese garden is representative of something found in the wild. A single rock may represent a mountain; a tree may stand in for a forest. And a small pool would remind the onlooker of a large lake. Since you would not find a square pond in nature, they have no place in a Japanese garden. Hill and pond gardens involve either a real pond, or a symbolic pond made of gravel and a stone to represent a hill. Landscaping features include alpine trees and plants. The tea garden is filled with plants, and one of the focal points is a basin of water where ritual cleansing occurs. Fountains with deer clacks mark time in ways similar to water clocks, and streams with formal bridges provide a place for reflection on the passage of time.

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Photo by: Andrew Dunn/Wikimedia Commons