Facts on the Spider Lily

Facts on the Spider Lily image by Ajari: Flickr.com
Facts on the Spider Lily image by Ajari: Flickr.com


The spider lily, also known as the crinum lily, is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family and bares a strong resemblance to the daffodil flower.


The spider lily is a fast grower that can reach a height of 5 feet. The flowers are fragrant at night and bloom from summer through fall. Colors range from white, pink and red to striped and multicolored.


In the continental United States, the spider lily is hardy in Zones 8 to 10, the three hottest. It is also hardy in Zone 11, which is in Hawaii.


Plant in average, well-drained soil. The spider lily needs full sun (at least six hours a day) to partial shade (four to six hours of shade a day).


The spider lily needs regular watering. Soak the soil to a depth of at least 5 inches. The soil should never be allowed to go completely dry. Feed once a month with a balanced houseplant fertilizer.


The spider lily does well planted near a pond or as a container plant. It is also used in flower arrangements.


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Photo by: Ajari: Flickr.com