Baby Blue Eyes Facts

Baby Blue Eyes Facts image by El_Mariachi_94:
Baby Blue Eyes Facts image by El_Mariachi_94:


Baby blue eyes, or Nemophila phacelioides, is an annual wildflower native to California. It grows easily in most places in the United States. This wildflower has a delicate sky-blue cup-shaped blossom.

Bloom Time

Baby blue eyes produce flowers throughout the spring, starting in March and blossoming to the end of May.


These wildflowers grow to a height of 6 to 12 inches.


Baby blue eyes grow well in light, sandy soil with good drainage.


These flowers prefer partial shade but will tolerate full sun in cooler areas of the country. They need to be watered regularly when planted in full sunlight.


Baby blue eyes grow easily and quickly from seed. Seedlings have a low level of success when transplanted.


These wildflowers are attractive in wooden barrels, hanging baskets, flowerbed borders and rock gardens.


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