Magnolia Flower Facts

Magnolia Flower Facts image by Muffet:
Magnolia Flower Facts image by Muffet:


Magnolias are deciduous trees and shrubs with showy, fragrant flowers. White, pink, purple, green or yellow blossoms are followed by red or pink fruit. There are 80 different varieties of magnolias.


Magnolia trees grow from 15 to 90 feet tall and are from 15 to 55 feet wide.


Magnolias like moist, rich soil with good drainage. Magnolias tolerate areas with partial shade.


Transplant burlap-wrapped or container-grown trees in the spring, just before new growth begins.


Magnolias are susceptible to scales that will cause the leaves to turn yellow. These areas need to be pruned out and destroyed. Magnolia root borers will attack magnolia trees as well.


Most diseases that affect magnolias are not too serious. These include stem cankers and powdery mildew.


A late spring frost can ruin early-blossoming magnolia flowers.


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