Citronella Plant Care

Citronella Plant Care image by Sandy Austin/
Citronella Plant Care image by Sandy Austin/


Citronella is an annual plant that grows approximately two feet and has a distinctive fragrance. The citronella geranium plant is sometimes referred to as the mosquito plant because of its mosquito-repellent effect.


Citronella should be planted in a location that offers full sun of at least six to eight hours a day.


The soil should be well drained with a pH level of 6.5. The soil should also have good air circulation.


Fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and potassium should be added to the citronella plant twice a year. The geraniums can be stunted and yellow if there is not a good source of nitrogen available.


Water the plant regularly with two to three glasses of water, making sure to wet the ground deeply. Wait for the soil to dry before watering again.

Insecticide and Fungicide

Apply a wide-range insecticide near the plant, away from new buds. Use fungicide early in the season to get rid of bugs.


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