How to Keep Cats Away From Houseplants

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Cats are naturally curious creatures and often get into mischief. They like to scope out their territory and inspect objects in and out of the house. Cats also enjoy plants and will do their best to try to chew on them or dig in the soil. If you would like to save your houseplants from your favorite feline, there are some ways to do so.

Step 1

Fill a plastic spray bottle with water. Every time your cat goes near your houseplant, mist it with a light spray of water. Be sure to do it every time, so that your cat gets the hint. Eventually, the cat will associate the houseplant with getting misted.

Step 2

Distract your cat. Buy grass that is made for cats, or grow your own. Also try setting out scratching boards that have catnip inside of them. If your cat's attention can be distracted elsewhere, he may leave your houseplants alone.

Step 3

Hang your plants somewhere high where your cats can't reach them. Purchase hanging plants and hang them from your ceiling. Be sure the plants don't have dangling foliage, which will only entice your cat more.

Step 4

Mist the plant with something that your cat will not like the taste or smell of. Mist it will watered-down black or cayenne pepper. Try citrus or minty scents. If the plant has an unattractive scent or taste, the cat will leave it alone.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Black or cayenne pepper
  • Mint or citrus scent
  • Hanging plant basket or chain to hang plant from


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