Simple Garden Ideas

Creating a beautiful and elegant garden can be a weekend project to enjoy with your family. Using aromatic, perennial plants like lavender and rosemary in your garden will give a long-lasting scent to your landscape. Adding outdoor chairs and accent tables will provide a space to use for entertaining or for reading a book. Nestle a bench into your garden for an inviting focal point and resting spot while gardening.


Lights can create a warm and magical glow in your garden and are easy to install. An inexpensive garden lighting idea is to create votives using recycled jelly jars. Simply wash them out and place a tealight in the bottom. You now have a miniature lantern you can place throughout your garden or along your gravel path. Solar lights are also a simple and elegant accessory to your garden and can be placed wherever you wish to light up a space. Place them around a tree or in your herb garden.


Outdoor seating is essential in your garden. Using weatherproof and comfortable seating will invite you into your garden for a relaxing meal or afternoon nap. Wrought iron is a durable and water-resistant outdoor material for outdoor dining tables and chairs. Place a table in or along the garden. Add colorful pillows to bring in texture and to accent and set off colors found in your garden. Benches are also a simple and easy seating option for your garden. Benches are especially attractive placed under an arbor or along a wall.

Aromatic Plants

Aromatic plants and flowers will create a sweet smelling scent to your garden while adding color and texture to a landscape To create an aromatic section to your garden, plant lavender and honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is a creeping plant that can attach to fence posts or along a garden gate. Lavender, a perennial herb, has relaxing benefits while creating height and texture in the back of the garden. English lavender is a sturdy plant with a strong scent. Typically they grow up to 3 feet, making them good for the back of your garden bed. English lavender is also used for cooking or for making your own bath products.

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