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A garden pond adds a huge visible impact to any style garden and serves as the focal point of a garden or as a quiet retreat, tucked away amid trees and shrubs. Garden pools and ponds can be designed in a variety of shapes and depths, and they offer a habitat for fish or a base for fountains, waterfalls or statuary.

Step 1

Decide the shape of garden pond you want according to the space available. Garden ponds can be small or large, round or square, or anything in between. An informal water garden can mimic the shape of a pond in the wilderness or be surrounded by a retaining wall or meticulously designed with sloping edges in the Greek fashion. Your garden pond can be designed for frogs and lilies or for koi or goldfish, so once you decide, the sky's the limit. Location is important as well. Determine how you will fill your pond or create lighting around it. Talk to local electricians or your city building department regarding electrical supply if lights, heaters or other electrical accessories might be required or needed.

Step 2

Determine the equipment that you might need to maintain your pond. A filter and pump will be necessary to keep pond water clean. Some filters are capable of filtering out algae and silt or debris. You'll need a small net to strain leaves, sticks or other debris from the surface and bottom of the pond, as well as a water testing kit to maintain chemical balances of the pond water, especially if you incorporate fish into it. Pond liners will help maintain the shape of your pond.

Step 3

Think about types of pond edging that will enhance the appeal and appearance of your pond. Edgings of stone or brick are common, as are layers of cobblestones or pebbles. Plants and shrubs placed at strategic locations around the side of the pond offer a more natural-looking appearance. For those who want a more finished look, edging the pond with concrete or a brick-type border offers a variety of options. Aquatic plants should be added to the water as soon as possible to help reduce algae buildup.

Step 4

Decide if you want to build the pond yourself or use a water pond kit, available for order at many local nurseries and garden centers or available online. Kits are an easy way for homeowners to install water and garden ponds suitable for fish, koi or water gardens and include all the accessories necessary for maintenance.


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