Mexican Aster Facts

Mexican Aster Facts image by Just Chaos/
Mexican Aster Facts image by Just Chaos/


Mexican asters, also known as Garden Cosmos, are annual flowers that prefer direct sunlight and shelter from high winds. These asters feature colorful flowers on thin stems. They are ideal for cutting and have a fine, light fragrance.


Grow Mexican asters from seeds by planting them directly into your garden. They tend to germinate in five to seven days when temperatures range from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mexican asters have blooming times that range from late spring through mid-fall. The blooms range in colors from pink to red to white with bluish green foliage that maintains a shiny texture.


Parts of the Mexican aster are poisonous when ingested. Keep small children and pets clear of the growing flowers.


Mexican asters grow to heights as tall as 48 inches and spread as they grow. Provide appropriate spacing to ensure that the asters do not begin to cluster. Space them approximately 18 to 24 inches apart.


Water you Mexican asters regularly,even though they are drought tolerant. Avoid overwatering them. Plant asters in soil that is well drained.


Butterflies are attracted to Mexican asters and use them as a source of nectar.


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