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Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. Most are hardy and do well with little care, as long as you plant them in an appropriate place. Not only is an herb garden easy to maintain, it is well worth it. Fresh herbs taste much better than the dried variety, but they are expensive at the grocery store. Save money by growing your own herb garden, so you'll always have tasty, fresh herbs to season your dishes.

Step 1

Plant herbs in areas where they will grow best. Rosemary can tolerate poor soil and dry conditions, while mint grows best in the shade with lots of moisture. Your herb garden will thrive if each herb is placed in its ideal condition.

Step 2

Water your herbs regularly. Water requirements are different for each type of herb. Plant herbs with similar watering needs close to each other for efficiency's sake.

Step 3

Weed your herb garden as soon as you see the weeds. This prevents the weeds from inhibiting the growth of your herbs.

Step 4

Prune your herbs once a month. Pluck off over shooting sprouts and mature leaves to stimulate new growth all season.

Step 5

Winterize your herb garden. Trim the perennials and harvest the rest. Cover them with mulch to protect from frost and wind.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some herbs, such as mint, can be invasive. Pests attack some herbs. See resources for further details.


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Photo by: Dominus Vobiscum: Flickr