How to Grow Torpedo Grass


Torpedo grass is often referred to as a weed, and is common in the tropics and subtropics in wet, marshy areas. It grows on roadsides and can take over the shores and shallow areas of lakes and ponds if not controlled. It is sometimes used as feed for livestock, but is generally mixed in with other grasses for a balanced diet. Torpedo grass is difficult to grow from seed and is best grown by splitting and planting its rhizomes (root balls).

Step 1

Prepare your soil. While torpedo grass can grow in most soil types, it will thrive in soil that is moist, well-draining and sandy. Till in a couple inches of sand and compost to your existing soil, if necessary.

Step 2

Split torpedo grass rhizomes. Cut them so that there is at least one "eye" or "bud" per cut, which should not be difficult since each rhizome can have hundreds of buds. The buds are from where the new grass will grow. Dig the rhizomes up from a patch of existing torpedo grass.

Step 3

Plant rhizomes with as many eyes facing up as possible. The top of the rhizome should be just below the soil's surface. Plant them close together, however, be aware that torpedo grass spreads rapidly.

Step 4

Water well in dry soils until the grass begins to grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Torpedo rhizomes
  • Sand
  • Compost


  • United States Department of Argiculture
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