Brick Lawn Edging Ideas

Edging your lawn with bricks, especially bright red bricks, not only breaks up the space visually, but also creates your lawn's focal point. Once you discover how to use the bricks creatively---by stacking them, planting flowers around them, creating extensions with them or bordering them with solar lights---you'll wonder why you never designed with bricks before now.

Curved Theme

Design a brick border with a curved theme. A perfect circle doesn't always work, so create curved lines to mimic the fluidity of a circle. Line the lawn with one layer of bricks, side by side. If the shape of the lawn is a straight line, use the bricks to create curves by placing the bricks over the grass. Next, use pebbles or gravel to create a path through the garden. Lay the pebbles down one side of the brick border; 1 to 2 inches of pebbles is ideal. The pebbles will emphasize the curves while keeping weeds to a minimum.

Brick Patio

Extend the edging of your lawn with bricks to create a brick patio. Charming and simple, this new space can be your yard's main attraction or a place to rest after walking through your garden. Tucking the patio in a garden corner will utilize space in your yard. Add comfortable chairs on the patio. Around the patio, plant a border of flowers and shrubs. Colorful hydrangeas and black-eyed susans will give you lasting design.

Mini Brick Wall

Instead of one layer of bricks around the edge of your lawn, experiment with stacking two or three on top of each other. This makeshift wall makes a beautiful border around your yard. Experiment with different designs. For instance, instead of stacking the bricks directly on top, stagger them so the center of each brick is directly between the two bricks below. You don't need adhesive for a small brick wall. Over time, the bricks will settle into the ground for a snug fit. Add some creeping vines around the edges---they'll spill beautifully over the wall and down the walk.

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