Fatsia Japonica Facts

Fatsia Japonica Facts image by Helen Fowler/flickr.com
Fatsia Japonica Facts image by Helen Fowler/flickr.com


The Fatsia japonica is a beautiful, low maintenance plant that grows clusters of creamy white flowers in the fall and shiny, black, inedible fruit in the winter. The Fatsia japonica is a landscaping plant that requires little sun.


The Fatsia japonica has broad, deep-lobed dark green leaves and stiff stems. The upright stems bend and curve, reaching approximately 8 feet tall.


Fatsia japonica is native to Japan, but is now grown all over the world as an indoor and outdoor plant.


Fatsia japonica is grown in part shade or full shade with no prolonged summer sun. Water the plant regularly during growing season, but reduce watering from fall to late winter.


The plant has no serious insect or disease problems. Soil that is too moist can lead to root rot. Bugs to watch for include aphids, mealybugs, scale, thrips and spider mites.


The Fatsia japonica makes a good courtyard or patio plant. It can also make a nice indoor plant in a brightly lit area.


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Photo by: Helen Fowler/flickr.com