Ideas for Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are ideal in small spaces as they don't take up as much room and can be used anywhere. Ideal for planting your favorite vegetables, raised garden beds have many benefits, including proper drainage and less compacted and hardy soil. Inside your beds, plant your favorite veggies and herbs. Mix colorful flowers like zinnias with bright green herbs for a beautiful and useful garden bed.

Vegetable Garden

Use potting soil and compost to create a raised vegetable garden. Raised beds are ideal for vegetables because of the improved drainage of the bed. Since you don't walk over the beds, the soil is not compacted down as much, which aids vegetables because loose soil promotes proper drainage. Plant lettuces and tomatoes in your raised garden beds. For creeping vegetables like beans, use a trellis in the back of the garden bed to train the vines to grow up.

Perennial Bed

Perennials grow back every year and will give a raised garden bed a beautiful and inviting design. Plant larger plants like butterfly bushes in the back of the bed for added height. Rose bushes also create height and will provide a lasting design, a benefit of perennial beds. For the middle portion of the bed, plant colorful flowers and herbs. Mixing the design up to include herbs is one way to create an attractive contrast to other plants. For the front of the raised garden, plant creeping vines that will spill over the structure.

Pebble Path

For raised garden beds that are flat and not terraced, create a pebble path. Dig out the proposed path two to three inches down and around the perimeter of the raised beds. This will clear out all debris and weeds growing around the beds. Lay the pebbles down at least three inches thick and smooth over to ensure a flat path. Pebbles are meant to move around, so don't worry about the path not being perfect.

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