Orchid Plant Facts

Orchid Plant Facts image by Flickr.com
Orchid Plant Facts image by Flickr.com


Orchids belong to the family orchidaceae and are divided into two types, monopidal, which are single stemmed plants, and sympodial, which have multiple stems coming from a rhizome. Orchid plants adapt easily to their environment. There are varieties of orchids found in almost every corner of the world.

Growing Orchids

Orchid roots require exposure to air. Use an open medium such as osmunda fiber or pebbles. Keep developing root systems that are moist, and transplant into pots once every two years.

Caring for Orchids

Orchid plants require indirect sunlight and a draft-free area to grow. They require a warm, humid atmosphere. Fertilize plants once a month with a water-soluble plant fertilizer.


Orchids have few known pest or disease problems. Wash leaves gently with plain soap and water to get rid of mealy bugs. Use pesticides made specifically for orchid plants.


Orchids are not hard to grow. They come from a variety of locations, not just tropical areas. Orchid plants are long-living and bloom two to four times per year, depending on variety.

Fun Facts

Orchids were a symbol of virility in ancient Greece. During the Middle Ages, orchids were used as part of healing regimens. Over time, they have been used as a symbol of love, luxury and beauty.


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