How to Prune Spirea


Even with its lovely clumps of delicate white flowers, spirea is actually one of the easiest shrubs to grow. Spireas can be planted in less-than-perfect soil, they can thrive in sun or shade and they produce masses of blooms every spring with very little attention. Although it isn't required, a good pruning will keep your spirea looking neat and shapely, and will encourage even more blossoms.

Step 1

Prune spirea in late winter or early spring. Although 6 to 8 inches is usually enough to stimulate new growth and will preserve the spirea's natural shape, it's safe to remove up to 30 percent of the bush.

Step 2

Remove any dead branches or wood that looks weak or diseased. This will provide air circulation, and will allow energy to go to the healthy branches.

Step 3

Clip off blooms as soon as they fade and turn brown. You can also cut fresh blooms, which make a lovely bouquet. Trim the branches again after the spire has finished blooming for the season.

Things You'll Need

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