Daisy Flowers Information

Daisy Flowers Information image by André Karwath: Creative Commons
Daisy Flowers Information image by André Karwath: Creative Commons


The common daisy (Bellis perennis), also known as the English, European or lawn daisy, is a popular rock garden or edging plant, but it is also considered to be a weed in some areas.


Daisies like a rich, fertile soil and cool, moist weather. They do not tolerate clay or hot and dry conditions.


Daisy flowers are typically ray-shaped with red, white or pink petals and yellow centers. Some white flowers are pink on the petal tips. Double-bloom variations also exist.


The plants have round green leaves and stay under 6 inches tall. The stems, leaves and flower stalks are covered with small hairs.


Daisies are very prolific, and where conditions are favorable, they can escape into gardens and lawns or other natural spaces and be difficult to eradicate.


In scientific research tests, compared to a placebo, taking B. perennis reduced postpartum blood loss.


  • Bellis Perennis: English Daisy
  • Bellis Perennis: English Daisy
  • The Effect of Arnica Montana and Bellis Perennis on Postpartum Blood Loss

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  • The Wild Flower Society
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Photo by: André Karwath: Creative Commons