Growing Information for the Passion Flower

Growing Information for the Passion Flower image by Frankd
Growing Information for the Passion Flower image by Frankd


Passion flowers are members of the Passaflora family and are perennial bushes or vines that produce a stunningly unique and sometimes fragrant flower and an edible or medicinal fruit.


The Passaflora family has more than 500 species and is native to every continent except Antarctica. The well-known edible fruit comes from P. edulis and is native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Growth Habit

Most Passiflora such as P. edulis are vines that climb using tendrils. A few species are more bush-shaped.


The unique flowers give this plant its name. They resemble the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during the crucifixion. His suffering on the cross is called the Passion.


Most edible passion-fruit berries come from the purple or yellow passion-fruit vine. A few species produce less widely known but still edible fruits.


Only some passion flowers are self-fertile; most require a large bee like the carpenter bee to pollinate them. Smaller honey bees are less efficient.


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Who Can Help

  • Passiflora Society International
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