How to Brick Edge a Garden


Sawtooth brick edging adds old-fashioned charm to any garden. You can create this beautiful style of edging with solid brick pavers and a little sweat equity. The jagged sawtooth edge is created by the placement of the bricks, with the end result being a border for your garden that looks much more difficult than it actually is. There are no special building skills necessary to install sawtooth brick edging around your garden, if you can dig a trench, you can make this edge.

Step 1

Dig a 4- to 5-inch trench around your garden. The deeper the trench, the shorter the sawtooth brick edging will appear. Remove any rocks or roots that may be jutting out from the sides of your trench and that will impact your brick placement. The bottom of your trench should be flat and the sides should be straight up and down.

Step 2

Tamp down the bottom of the trench with a board so that the loose dirt is compacted.

Step 3

Place one brick in each corner of the trench around your garden. The bricks will be standing on their shortest edge, with one of the longest edges resting at a 45-degree angle against the outside edge of the trench. Fill in beneath the bricks with soil to help brace them into place.

Step 4

Place wooden stakes at each corner of your garden, 1 foot away from the outside edge of the trench. Run mason's line between the stakes so that the lines touch the top of the bricks in the trench. Make sure that the lines are level. The lines will guide you as you place the remaining bricks to create the sawtooth edging.

Step 5

Abut the bricks, one next to the other, in the trenches. As with the first corner bricks, each successive brick will be placed on it's shortest edge and tilted so that the longest edge rests on the brick next to it. Tilt the bricks so that the top corner of each brick touches the mason's line. This will keep your garden edging uniform. The rubber mallet is helpful if you need to adjust the height of any of the bricks. Work your way around the perimeter of the garden, laying a course of bricks in each of the trenches.

Step 6

Rake the soil back into the trench to fill in around the sawtooth edging. Tamp the soil into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • Tamping board
  • Stakes
  • Mason's line
  • Line level
  • Bricks
  • Rubber mallet
  • Garden rake


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