Joseph's Coat Fast Facts


The name Joseph's Coat is used by many gardeners when referring to either Alternanathera ficoidea or Amaranthus tricolor--ground-cover plants that are both grown for their multi-colored leaves instead of their flowers.

Where to Plant

Both of these annuals are used for their filler capabilities; they add an interestingly textured look to well-drained flower beds and pots.

Sun Requirements

Both plants known as Joseph's Coats prefer planting environments with full sun.

Soil Conditions

Joseph's Coats need fertile soil with regular watering, as most annuals do.


Some gardeners trim the flowers off of Joseph's Coat to show off the leaves' varying tones. They need regular watering and weekly application of fertilizer. In poor soil conditions, the plant stays low to the ground and is used as an edging plant in many gardens.

Growing Season

Considered a summer annual, Joseph's Coats can easily be brought indoors to brighten up sunny rooms.


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