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Orange roses range in hue from fiery orange highlighted with red, to soothing coral and pale orange tones, making them a delightful choice in floral bouquets and arrangements. Reminiscent of summer sunsets, deep orange roses capture the essence of warm summer evenings, while paler varieties echo the color of fresh-cut citrus.


Orange roses resulted from the hybridization of wild yellow roses and traditional red roses. Relatively new to the scene, these delightful varieties emerged in the late 1800s or early 1900s, and took the world of roses by storm with their vibrant hues. Home gardeners soon began cultivating this striking beauty in home gardens and yards across America.


Orange rose symbolism is the result of combining the symbolism of both the yellow rose (a symbol of friendship) and the red (a symbol of love) to symbolize growing passion. A gift of orange roses sends the message of attraction and a desire to pursue the relationship. Ironically, oranges also signify pride and are appropriate for graduations and other ceremonies.


Orange roses require the same cultivation as any rose. A sunny location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sun encourages lush foliage and large richly colored blooms. Well-drained soil with a neutral pH (5.5 to 6.5) and high in organic matter, like compost or well-rotted manure, is ideal for roses. Testing the soil before planting is recommended to determine the nutrient value and pH of your soil. Amend soil following the instructions on the soil test kit. Roses thrive with 1 inch of water a week. If nature does not provide this amount, supplemental watering is required.


With over 300 cultivars, orange roses vary in hue from pink-orange to fiery red-orange with a fair number of pale coral shades. These magnificent flowers are available in dwarf, standard and climbing varieties making them ideal for home gardens. Paired with purple flowers like purple coneflower, orange roses make a brilliant show of color in early to mid-summer. Planting several varieties creates a bold statement in any yard.


Consider the relationship between the giver and the recipient before making a choice to send a bouquet of orange roses. As a gesture of pride and to celebrate accomplishment, sending orange roses to family members makes a dramatic statement. As a gift from someone with budding romantic interests, pale orange roses are a subtle way to express those emotions. A more passionate interest requires richer hues of orange.

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