How to Plant Gladiolas Indoors

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Gladiolas are long-stemmed beauties that grace your garden with colorful flower spikes during the summer. You can also grow gladiolas indoors with minimum fuss and maximum success if you follow a few simple rules. Gladiolas love sunshine in your garden, so make sure they have enough indoor light to flourish. Drainage is also important for growing gladiolas, both in the type of soil you select and in the type of planter.

Step 1

Select a planter that's deep enough to house your gladiola corms. Corms are like bulbs; they hold all the nutrients that the gladiola needs to grow and thrive. Select a planter that's at least 10 inches deep to easily accommodate larger corms. Make sure that the planter offers good drainage.

Step 2

Fill the planter with potting soil up to about 2 inches from the rim to account for watering and mulch. Your soil mixture should offer good drainage capabilities.

Step 3

Insert the gladiola corm into the potting soil in the center of the planter, twice as deep as the corm is long. If you plant the gladiolas too deep, the stems will not be straight. The end of the corms should be pointing up and the scarred end of the corms should be pointing down. Plant only one gladiola corm into each planter.

Step 4

Place the planter in a sunny area of your home so that the potting soil receives at least 10 hours of light each day. You can also use a grow light, if necessary.

Step 5

Add a light layer of organic mulch over the top of your potting soil in the planter. You can use bark or decorative stones to help retain moisture.

Step 6

Keep the potting mixture moist, watering daily in less humid climates and every other day in humid environments. Fertilize the soil every month with water-soluble fertilizer that's designed for flowering plants. Your gladiolas should have long, beautiful stems in 60 to 100 days.

Things You'll Need

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  • Gladiola corms
  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer


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