Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

A vegetable garden can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. You can enjoy fresh vegetables and the beauty of the vegetable garden regardless of where you live and how much space you have. An apartment dweller may enjoy a container garden, while a person with ample land can opt for a circular garden.

Container Garden

If space is limited, or if you don't have suitable land for a vegetable garden in your yard, a container garden may be the best way for you to grow vegetables. There are numerous vegetables that will grow well in containers. Peppers, tomatoes, green onions, herbs and lettuce all generally thrive in a container. To add depth to your container garden, add some hanging baskets with small tomatoes.

Continuous Growth Garden

Because vegetables mature at different rates, you may find that you have bare spots in your vegetable garden periodically. In order to combat this, plant crops with different growth rates next to each other. For example, plant fast-maturing crops in between slow-maturing crops. Remember to take into account the distance required between each type of plant. If one variety needs a minimum of 1 foot between plants, and the other needs only 6 inches, plant the vegetables in 1-foot increments to allow sufficient room.

Circular Vegetable Garden

A circular vegetable garden can be the focal point of your yard. To create this type of garden, decide how much space you will have for your garden. Within this area, draw a circle on the grass by placing a stake in the center of the area. Attach a string to it that reaches the outermost area of your garden. Hold a can of yard marking spray at the end of the string. Walk in a circle while spraying the paint. This is the outer edge of your garden. Consider using bricks or stones to mark the edge, then develop a design for your circular garden. Consider planting taller vegetable plants in the center or rear of the garden, and the remainder of the vegetables according to size, with the shortest vegetables near the front or outer edge of the garden.

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