Cornflower Facts


The cornflower, also called bachelor's button, is an easy-to-grow wildflower. Originally native to Europe, it is popular across the United States. This prolific flowering annual has button-like blooms on tall blue-gray stems.


Select this popular plant for its ability to quickly naturalize and self-sow for another season. The cornflower grows best in full sun to part shade and thrives in almost any soil.


Choose cornflower for its height of 1 to 3 feet to mix with other flowers. The tall stems hold multiple flowers about 1 inch in diameter.


Look for maroon, pink and white flower varieties. Originally, the cornflower was a solid blue flower, before hybrids developed in other colors.


Use cornflowers in wildflower mixes, along roadsides and in gardens. The cornflower is an excellent cutting flower for bouquets and dried flower arrangements.


Scatter seeds in plantings a few weeks apart, as the cornflower is a fast-growing plant that blooms heavily from early spring until first frost. Successive plantings give a full season of flowers.


Check with your regional garden experts. This wildflower is invasive in some regions.


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