Herbal Theme Container Gardens

Herbal Theme Container Gardens

by Laurel Morris

Grouping together herbs which will be used in a certain cuisine is not only practical, but would make a fabulous gift. People love handmade items, and this idea can be customized to a particular meal or taste. The windowbox-shaped planter is especially ideal for this project. There are some great choices of containers to be found, including molded clay, wooden, twig, and galvanized containers. Container types are only limited to your imagination, however. Any found or antique container or pot could be utilized for a very special look.

Spaghetti Herbs

One of my favorites would be the spaghetti herb box, which would include sweet basil, greek oregano, parsley, and rosemary. Just add tomatoes, sauce and noodles!

Pizza Box

People who make their own pizza would love this little box sitting near the kitchen! It could include Greek oregano, super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, anise and chives. It's not hard to make pizza dough!

Tea Time Box

Handy herbs to pick for a brew or to add to iced tea could make someone very happy. Fill a box with lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile, lime balm, and cinnamon basil.

Medicinal Box

Include dill and peppermint to calm sooth indigestion, yarrow for temporary bandage for cuts, sage for sore throats, and aloe to put on minor burns.

Herbal Vinegars Box

Dill, lemon balm, chives, tarragon are just a few examples. An

all-time favorite is lemon dill vinegar for vegetables.

Grillin' and Roastin' Box

Plant some lemon verbena for fish and chicken, tarragon for chicken, rosemary for pork and beef, sage for poultry, dill for fish, thyme and oregano for beef.

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Laurel Morris is a master gardener and herbalist from coastal North Carolina, specializing in use and preservation of garden produce. She writes a bi-monthly herb gardening column for Suite101.com, an internet guide.

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