Is There a Way to Extend Blooming on Peonies?

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The beautiful blooms of peonies seem short-lived compared to other perennials that bloom all season long. While there isn't a way to extend the blooming of one peony, there are ways to extend the blooming period of a peony garden in your yard with careful planning and knowing your peony varieties. With a little research and time working in the garden, in a few years you will see the fruits of your hard work for a longer period than anyone else in your area.

Step 1

Plot a rough diagram of your peony area on paper and make notes of the colors of peonies you would like to see, as well as the rough order you want them to bloom in. While some peony enthusiasts will plan a mixed area with continuous blooms, others may plant them in a row to literally watch a wave of color go from one end of the garden to the other as the season progresses.

Step 2

Research peony bloom times in books, online or at your local greenhouse. Pair up the color shades and the sizes and types of flowers you want, with the various bloom times.

Step 3

Write down both the common and scientific names of the peony varieties you want to plant so you'll be sure to buy the correct ones. Take your list with you when you go to buy, so even if you change your mind about a variety, you'll still know which bloom time you need to replace.

Step 4

Keep up regular maintenance routines with your peonies to keep them healthy, such as pruning and fertilizing. Newly planted peonies do have a tendency to halt blooming for a year or two, so don't worry if you don't see blooms immediately.


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