Meaning of Bird of Paradise Flowers

Meaning of Bird of Paradise Flowers image by Tatters:
Meaning of Bird of Paradise Flowers image by Tatters:


Bird of paradise is a beautiful exotic flower that blooms from September through May. It stands out from all other flowers because it is bright-colored and looks unmistakably like a bird that is flying. The flower has not only become a favorite among designers but has also come to symbolize paradise.


Bird of paradise is native to South Africa. It represents joyfulness and paradise.


The bird of paradise bears an unmistakable resemblance to a bird taking flight. It is also called a crane flower because of its look and resemblance to a crane.


Bird of paradise is the flower for a ninth wedding anniversary. It can also be used in wedding bouquets because it symbolizes magnificence.


Bird-of-paradise flowers can also be used to indicate wonderful anticipation and excitement.


Add bird-of-paradise flowers to any bouquet that you want to represent happiness. Bird of paradise works well with other types of tropical and summer flowers.


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