How to Remove Fescue


Fescue grass is most commonly known as tall fescue since it can grow as high as 4 feet tall and is often used in grass pastures. Fescue grass is particularly adaptable and drought resistant, which means it can grow in just about any location. Unfortunately, it can grow in lawns and gardens, where it can become hard to control due to its quick growth.

Step 1

Spray an application of a weed killer that contains imazaquin to remove fescue in the summer. Imazaquin is used for nutgrass control, but it also is helpful at eliminating fescue from Bermuda grass.

Step 2

Water your grass after spraying the imazaquin on the fescue. You should see the weeds become eradicated after at least two weeks. Apply the weed killer again after six weeks to prevent it from growing back.

Step 3

Purchase a weed killer that contains glyphosate to remove the fescue in winter. Such weed killers include Roundup, which you can find at garden stores. Make sure your grass is dormant before applying the weed killer or you could damage the grass that will grow the following spring.

Step 4

Wrap an old towel around the end of a rake, and spray the glyphosate weed killer onto the towel. Use the rake to spread the weed killer directly over the area of the fescue without touching any other portions of the dormant grass.

Step 5

Wait for at least two weeks to see if the fescue has been eradicated. Add another application of glyphosate weed killer if the fescue still remains. After two to three applications, the fescue should be gone and not return in the spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Imazaquin weed killer
  • Glyphosate weed killer
  • Cotton towel
  • Rake


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