How to Grow Creeping Jenny

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Creeping Jenny, also known as "moneywort" and scientifically as "lysimachia nummularia," is a hardy ground cover that gardeners often try to eliminate. Despite its negative reputation, creepy Jenny grows plentifully and is easy to plant, even in areas that cannot grow grass or other ground covers. Creeping Jenny has yellow flowers that bloom for several weeks in the spring.

Step 1

Buy creeping Jenny seeds. They are available at your local nursery or gardening store.

Step 2

Plant three seeds each in several small containers. Fill the containers with topsoil and press the seeds approximately 1 inch below the soil. Place in a sunny, warm window and wait approximately one month for the seeds to germinate.

Step 3

Build a raised bed for your creeping Jenny seedlings. Although not a requirement, the bed will prevent the plants from taking over your garden. Create a box in your garden with four plywood beams nailed together to form a square. Fill the area with a combination of topsoil and peat moss.

Step 4

Plant creeping seedlings after all signs of frost have passed--in shade, part-shade or full sun. Dig a hole with a trowel large enough to place the entire soil ball surrounding the roots. Pack extra topsoil around the seedlings and plant each one approximately 12 inches apart. Water the area thoroughly.

Step 5

Water your creeping Jenny when the ground feels dry or when you water the rest of your garden. If not using a raised bed, weed creeping Jenny away from other areas of your garden; it can choke out other flowers and plants.

Tips and Warnings

  • Creeping Jenny is often considered undesirable for many gardeners, because it spreads quickly and can crowd other plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Creeping Jenny seeds
  • Creeping Jenny seedlings
  • Small container
  • Topsoil
  • Trowel
  • Plywood beams


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