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Coreopsis is a genus of flowering annual herbs that consists of 35 different species. They are native to North, Central and South America and can grow up to 3 feet in height. Coreopsis flowers bloom during late summer and early fall, and they produce large, showy flowers that can be red, yellow or orange in color. Coreopsis thrives in hot, dry climates with low moisture. It is frost tolerant and can grow with almost no care in most temperate regions.

Step 1

Sow coreopsis seeds in early spring, just after the final frost of winter. Select a planting location that receives full sun throughout the day and has well-drained soil that is low in fertility. Overly fertile soil can cause invasive growth.

Step 2

Mix coreopsis seeds with fine sand to make spreading easier. Broadcast the seed mixture across the surface of the planting site. Do not cover with soil, as sunlight encourages germination.

Step 3

Use a flat board to tamp down the seeds into the soil. Water thoroughly after planting to ensure good seed-to-soil contact and to prevent the seeds from being displaced by wind or rain.

Step 4

Water coreopsis plants one to two times per week once they've emerged, just enough to keep the soil moist without becoming waterlogged. Do not water during the winter, as the plants will not use the moisture.

Step 5

Remove any dead or faded coreopsis flowers to prolong the flowering season and prevent self-sowing, which can quickly become out of hand if not regulated. Cut off the flowers as close to the ground as possible and fresh growth will soon appear.

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