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Scarlet Sage Fast Facts image by Echoforsberg:
Scarlet Sage Fast Facts image by Echoforsberg:


Also known as Texas sage or hummingbird sage, this relative of the culinary herb can be identified by its bright and bushy red blooms. It typically flowers during late summer to early fall, giving your gardens a late burst of color when most blooms have already died off.


Scarlet sage is native to the state of Texas, even though it can be found across most of the southern United States.


While most plants are either perennial or annual plants, scarlet sage can be both. If growing in warmer climates, scarlet sage acts as an annual and will need to be replanted each year. When found in cooler climates, it becomes a perennial and reseeds easily.


As with most herb plants, scarlet sage prefers good drainage, such as in gravelly or sandy soils. It will grow in either full sun or partial shade.


Typically, scarlet sage will grow to a height of between 1 and 3 feet.

Fun Facts

Add scarlet sage to either your butterfly garden or as an attractant for hummingbirds. Its pungent aroma makes it very deer resistant.


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