What Colors Do Calla Lilies Come In?

Calla lilies have sturdy stems that make them work well for cut flower arrangements and even bridal bouquets. Grown from tubers, they spread in a straight line and are often used for borders. The most common variety is white, but calla lilies come in several different colors.

Yellow Calla Lilies

Yellow calla lilies range in shade from a buttery yellow to a brilliant golden. The pot of gold variety grows well in a planter and can be cut early in the season. Black-eyed beauty and Florex gold bloom in the middle of the season, and black magic blooms later in the season with a lemon-yellow flower.

Orange Calla Lilies

The earliest orange calla lily is the treasure variety, while the hot shot, sunrise and picante varieties bloom in mid-season. Sunrise is sometimes classified as a yellow flower because they're mostly yellow with a tinge of deep reddish orange on the edges, as if they're glowing from within.

Pink Calla Lilies

Three varieties of pink calla lilies bloom in mid-season. Look for the hot salmon or pacific pink, both of which have a wisps of yellow on their outer bases, or hot lips, which is a vibrant shade of raspberry all the way through.

Red Calla Lilies

Pink persuasion is a reddish pink, and mango is a bright, tropical red; both varieties are early bloomers. Majestic red is a deep burgundy shade that blooms in mid-season.

Purple Calla Lilies

Pink star is an early blooming, lavender-colored purple calla lily, and purple heart is a deep purple that blooms in mid-season.

Black Calla Lilies

The hot chocolate variety is a rich deep purple-brown shade that blooms late in the season. Black forest, black pearl, blackjack and edge of night are other varieties of black calla lilies.

White Calla Lilies

White calla lilies are the easiest to find, although many are tinged with another color, either at the base or along the top edge of the flower. Giant white, little Jimmy, crystal blush, bridal bliss and captain volante are all varieties of white calla lilies.

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