Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

Create a beautiful backyard garden and landscape with a few simple items. Stones placed in your garden and around the backyard creates a natural and functional path. Use the path to lead you to a sweetly scented herb garden full of your favorite herbs. Place colorful flowers in a variety of unique containers and nestle them in your garden beds to add color and create an inviting backyard design.

Herb Garden

Plant an herb garden in your backyard landscape for a dramatic focal point and space to plant your favorite herbs for cooking. Plant taller herbs such as rosemary and parsley toward the back of the herb garden for a dramatic backdrop. Use small herbs such as chives and cilantro in the front and around the sides of the herb garden. Always pinch back your herbs to allow for adequate growth and hardy plants. Use them in recipes by cutting them and drying them out.

Stone Path

Add flat stones in your backyard to lead you to your garden or back patio. Lay them around the backyard every 1 to 2 feet for a beautiful design. Add color down your path by planting creeping vines in between each stone. Creeping jasmine will provide a sweet scent when brushed as you meander down your garden path. Bright green mosses also contrast beautifully with the neutral colors found in stone. Over time the colorful ground cover will fill out the path and create an inviting spot.


When you want create attractive designs around your backyard, use containers and flower pots. Plant flowers and vegetables inside the containers and nestle them around your garden and backyard. Use them to line a garden path or place them on your steps leading from your porch or deck. Use tall plants such as horsetail mixed with smaller creeping vines such as blue star or creeping thyme for a beautiful contrast. Containers are available in a variety of sizes and colors, perfect for creating a dramatic and colorful backyard design. Each season change the containers out by planting something new.

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