Types of Pansy Flowers

Hardy and productive, pansies show their blooms into late fall, ideal for gardens whose annuals have been touched by frost. The rule is to plant pansies in the fall where summers are extreme and very hot. Spring planting is also good when the summer days don't exceed 85 to 90 degrees. Because the pansy palette is vast, you can choose between many varieties. Some have blotched patterns called "faces". Sizes range from miniature to giant.


An extremely tough miniature pansy is the viola. These hearty flowers are mostly solid and come in a range of colors including blue, apricot, mahogany red, purple, white, and yellow. Violas love to be grown in containers and look attractive in borders and mass plantings, where they fill in low spots. Standing less than 6 inches tall, violas look attractive nestled among daffodils and tulips.

Light Fruit

A beautiful pansy variety that brings to mind a colorful bowl of citrus fruit is the light fruit variety. As suggested, this pansy variety contains colors consisting of pure yellow, orange and white. The hearty blooms of the light fruit pansy are very vigorous and have a long season, ideal for containers and flower pots.

XXL Rose

This giant flowered pansy can tolerate extreme heats, especially the high and late season heat of the south. The plants stem is approximately 8-10 inches tall, so as to support the huge blooms which range from 3-3 1/2 inches. XXL rose is also a type of pansy that will thrive in the cooler fall months.

Chalon Supreme

This unique and delicate pansy flower type has a unique characteristic of ruffled petals. The edges, which are frilled, have the appearance of draped chiffon. A beautiful mix, this pansy type blooms all summer long and can withstand high temperatures. Colors include purple, blue, bronze, while and yellow.

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