Dusty Miller Fast Facts


Dusty miller is an easy-to-grow flowering plant with silvery foliage and small yellowish flowers. This versatile landscaping plant is grown as an annual in cold climates and as a perennial in temperate climates.


Select this popular plant for its adaptability. Plant in sun or part shade. It thrives in damp, organic soil and, when established, is drought-tolerant.


Choose dusty miller for its height, which ranges from 6 to 24 inches tall, and its ability to grow quickly into a sprawling gray mound of soft-textured leaves.


Look for foliage to blend into your landscape design. You can find dusty miller plant varieties with leaves that are shaped like straps, oak leaves and fine lace.


Use dusty miller for edging, border or container landscaping. Excellent for contrast plantings, the silver plant provides background for colorful bedding flowers.


Watch for pests like slugs and nematodes. Using your preferred control method, lift the low-spreading branches and treat the ground around the plant, before replacing foliage.


Water plants cautiously, as dusty miller is prone to root rot and stem rot. Plant in well-drained soil where air circulates freely, allowing foliage to dry after watering.


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