How to Control Lawn Weeds Naturally

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The dog rolls in it, the kids play on it and you love the way it feels on your bare feet. So keeping it chemical free has to be a priority, even if those pesky weeds keep popping up. Luckily, controlling lawn weeds naturally is less hassle than you might think. After some initial labor, you can control lawn weeds naturally with little more effort than the application of dangerous weed killers.

Step 1

Remove existing, visible weeds manually with a fish-tail weeder or by hand. Be sure to remove as much of the root systems as you can. Moistening the soil around the weeds will make them easier to remove.

Step 2

Fill in any bare spots created by the weed removal with fresh, fast-growing grass seed. If your lawn has any other pre-existing bare spots, fill them with grass seed as well. Weeds thrive in bare patches and areas with thin grass cover. However, reseeding should be postponed during winter or a drought.

Step 3

Treat your lawn with corn gluten meal according to the manufacturer's instructions. This nontoxic byproduct of corn processing can be purchased at your local garden center. It not only kills budding weeds, but also adds nitrogen to your lawn, which will encourage thicker cover that also inhibits weed growth.

Step 4

Monitor your lawn. Even with proper treatment, weeds are likely to pop up from time to time, especially early on in your treatment regimen. When weeds appear, repeat Steps 1 through 4. Over time, corn gluten meal becomes more effective and weed appearances will be fewer and farther between.

Step 5

Modify your mowing habits. First, raise the cutting height on your mower to 3 inches. Longer grass inhibits weed growth. Next, make sure to mow your lawn regularly, which will cause the tallest-growing weeds to die out.

Things You'll Need

  • Fish-tail weeder
  • Grass seed
  • Corn gluten meal


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