Taking Care of Fish Ponds

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Whether it's home to koi or goldfish, fish ponds are an attractive addition for most landscapes. With proper installation a pond can last decades and provide a great deal of family enjoyment. Once a pond is created and the fish added, proper care and maintenance is essential to ensure a long, healthy life for the fish and an odor-free pond for the family to enjoy.

Step 1

Monitor the water level to ensure the pond is always full. If the pond begins to lose water, refill using either a natural source such as a stream or distilled water that is free of chlorine. To de-chlorinate water, leave it in open containers for two days to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

Step 2

Place plants in and around the fish pond. Plants aid in absorbing the pond's nutrients and some water plants can even help in the removal and control of algae.

Step 3

Place branches over the pond if it is on open property to discourage others from taking the fish. Branches are also an excellent way to deter winged predators who could otherwise easily catch the fish. Secure branches to the sides of the pond, or if the branches are long enough, place them in the water and secure with pond rocks.

Step 4

Monitor and remove all weeds. Weed roots will typically remain shallow in the silt at the bottom of the pond, so they can be easily pulled out.

Step 5

Monitor algae growth levels. It is normal for a fish pond to contain large amounts of algae in the springtime. The algae can either be eliminated using an algae treatment solution or can be left for the fish. When the fish are permitted to feed on the algae, there is no need to provide them with additional food. Begin feeding the fish again once the water has begun to clear.

Step 6

Consider relocating the fish and draining the pond in late summer to inspect the plastic liner for any cracks. Draining can be accomplished by either removing the water with buckets or pumping out the water. If the liner has become cracked, replace or repair it before refilling with water.

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