Ideas for Hanging Baskets

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Nothing spices up the outdoor living space more than the trailing stems of a flowering plant in a hanging basket. Hanging baskets offer the gardener the option of bringing flowers directly into the outdoor living spaces. Baskets can be suspended from trellises, from brackets or from stand-alone wrought iron plant hangers in the garden. Many homeowners install hooks above their porch railings to place a series of blooming hanging baskets right at the entryway to the home. Design these lovely additions to the home landscape based on an evaluation of the light requirements at the proposed location.

Container Choices

Hanging basket containers come in a wide variety of styles to fit your outdoor décor. Traditional hanging flower baskets include solid plastic bowls with attached hangers for easy use. Gardeners find planting hanging arrangements in wrought iron or wire hanging baskets a stylish addition to their landscape. Durable coconut fiber mats line the inside of these metal baskets. Sphagnum moss also works well as a hanging basket liner to retain moisture and keep potting soil in place. A macrame plant hanger gives virtually any pot the potential to become a hanging basket. Consider matching your choice of hanging baskets to your patio furniture or accent pieces to liven up your outdoor living space.

Mixed Annual Baskets

Annual flowers form the staple planting for hanging baskets. No two individuals create identical hanging baskets. The joy of this type of container gardening lies in being able to plant your own preferences. Annuals provide immediate color and sturdy plants that tolerate confined spaces well. Mixing flowering annuals and foliage plants creates a nice contrast in the hanging basket. Choose trailing plants such as verbena or wave petunias mixed with variegated ivy or tall spike. Consider vertical space as well when designing your hanging basket. Place taller plants in the center with lower ones toward the rim. Encourage vines to wrap around the chains leading up to the hook. Train plants and vines to cascade over the rim of the planter to trail down the sides.

Monoculture Baskets

Monoculture hanging baskets contain only one type of plant. These baskets can be stunning, especially when filled with plants like wave petunias, geraniums or vinca as well as just about any annual plant imaginable. The key to designing a monoculture basket lies in choosing flower colors that match your outdoor décor. Purchase plants to fill the entire basket and fertilize to stimulate growth. The plants will fill the inside of the hanging basket and cascade over the sides in an abundant floral display.

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