How to Grow Coconut


Coconuts come in many different varieties. Some are oily in content, whereas some have higher amounts of sugar. It takes a lot of patience to grow a coconut tree because it can take years. Many people prefer to grow dwarf varieties. They are not as tall and dramatic looking as the tall trees, but they are much easier to harvest. Each tree has 13 blooming periods a year. They create new growth such as small green nuts to ripened brown nuts simultaneously.

Step 1

Buy a coconut with its husk intact. Know that it requires a hot, humid climate to survive, specifically the tropical regions close to the equator. It needs steady sun and a lot of rainfall. Coconut trees die in cold climates and do badly in temperate zones.

Step 2

Put the coconut in a barrel or pot. Add water to cover it and soak it for two or three days.

Step 3

Get a pot that is large and deep enough to hold the coconut. Place large pieces of stone or gravel in the bottom to assist in drainage.

Step 4

Add 2 inches of sandy soil on top of the gravel or stones. Place the coconut on the soil, making sure the bud end or pointy end is facing up.

Step 5

Cover half of the coconut with the sandy soil. Put the pot in a warm place, such as on a radiator, near a warm oven or in a sunny window.

Step 6

Pour warm water over the coconut husk daily to ensure that it doesn't dry out. It can take six months or longer to sprout, so be patient. Until it sprouts, the coconut is getting nourishment from the white meat inside.

Step 7

Watch as a sprout pierces through a soft spot, called eye, on the coconut and breaks through the outer shell. When you see white roots come out, the coconut is ready to be moved to a larger container.

Step 8

Replant the coconut in a large tub or plant it directly into the ground. Mix a lot of manure in with the soil and fertilize it with liquid fertilizer after it sprouts three fronds. Follow the fertilizer manufacturer's instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Pot
  • Water
  • Larger pot
  • Stone or gravel
  • Soil
  • Manure
  • Fertilizer


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